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Direct payments

Direct payments is money paid to you from social services, after being assessed as needing help, so that you can purchase your own care, support or equipment to suit yourself. This gives you more choice and control of your life.

You can be given a one-off payment for a particular service or purchase that you need to make or you can be given an on-going direct payment which is a monthly payment so you can purchase goods or a service on a regular basis.

Direct payments mean that you are able to choose the service that you would like yourself – a service that suits your own assessed needs.

Wessex Regional Care can provide a bespoke service. If you would like to talk to us about such a service, then please contact Charlotte Hemphill, Service Manager on 02380 407048 to arrange an assessment.

Person Centred Care

Person Centred Care is a method of supporting and working with individuals who have a learning disability. It empowers those with disabilities to take charge of the direction they would like their life to take, it helps to work out what the individual wants from life, how best to achieve it, the type of support needed, and how it would be best given.